Ideas on assisting in the relief effort without going in person. Much can be done without leaving your house. Give those affected by disaster some hope, and use some of these ideas to help them.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

From CoHR Children

From 2/15 with updates throughout the month

This edition's topic shall be Children. They are so fragile, so resilient and so neglected throughout the recovery. It hasn't been intentional, but even the infrastructure of child welfare was completely destroyed. Children's Homes, Shelters, Foster Homes - all wiped out. Social workers, child advocates, even police departments are working with reduced or non-existent staff. And so, they are first.

3/12 Videos from WLOX - Katrina Kids
2 part series at bottom of WLOX homepage. Go to Special report section of www.WLOX.com for more information

3/7 The Giving Circle - Is sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt in Waveland, MS. With some extra help and work, it will excced 400 children and 3-4 organizations co-sponsoring. If you want to help - contact Sharon@TheGivingCircle.org.

Random Kid - Kids Helping Kids (2/24)

Muhlenberg Weekly - Photo Exhibit of and by Katrina Children (2/24)

Allen L. Roland - Katrina - The Good The Bad The Ugly (2/24)

Miss MS Teen - Project Mommy for Hancock County, MS (2/23)
3/7 - Picture of Ms Tasia is on the page linked above.
3/5 http://www.namiss.com/eventresults/winners/?id=2006%20State%20Mississippi - search MS and she'll be at the bottom of page

Terry - Hope Haven Children's Shelter - 3/5 he's working with BucksMont on a BIG project - more soon.

CNN's New Weekly - Gumbo helps kids tell their stories in NOLA

The Mobile Learning Institute - The Children in Their Own Words.

Mercy Corps - One Survivor's Efforts To Help Children See

Christian Children's Fund - Tsunami Children Write

Story Of A Storm - Written By Children The Week After

Boys and Girls Clubs - A dated message, but current numbers

Lori KG - An Artist Helps Her Community's Children.

Linda - Pictures and news of Pearlington's Children

Ginger - 8 People in a Single-Wide 3/5 - She's added a comment for folks to read

Our Lady Academy - MS's Only All Girls School A Message of Hope

JB - An article sent to me by a great teacher in MS

Compiled from Katrina's Angels - Financial Aid For All Students

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