Ideas on assisting in the relief effort without going in person. Much can be done without leaving your house. Give those affected by disaster some hope, and use some of these ideas to help them.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Community Garden Assistance

1/8 Letter for Gardeners, Gardening Volunteers
As all good gardeners know, the new growing season is only weeks away. Seeds need starting; plans made anew for vegetable gardens; tools repaired and prepared.
As all Gulf Coast volunteers know, having a place to relax is vital. They also know survivors and volunteer camps alike need fresh vegetables regularly which are expensive and can be difficult to find.
How do these things tie together? They do in two ways: The Plant A Row Program and Community Garden Programs.
Plant A Row is a national movement to have home growers intentionally plant more than they need of any or all of their vegetable gardens. They then donate the produce to soup kitchens and food pantries, where storing perishables is difficult.
For more information: http://www.gardenwriters.org/par/
Community Gardens are created on private or public land for public use to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. This can be a temporary or permanent agreement for the land; with rent either donated by the owner or for no more than $25/plot.
For more information: http://www.communitygarden.org/
Both programs need exploring and implementation throughout the Gulf Region. Are you a volunteer who gardens at home? Start the Plant A Row program at your home and neighborhood to take the produce with you on your trips down.
Are you a gardener without soil to play in at home? Help establish community gardens within the community you are helping in the Gulf.
Either way, your skills as a gardener are needed to help the survivors in one more way. And once established, these programs will last and grow, just like the plants from Spring to Autumn.
Please talk to your group and start at least one of the programs to augment your current mission.

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