Ideas on assisting in the relief effort without going in person. Much can be done without leaving your house. Give those affected by disaster some hope, and use some of these ideas to help them.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

December Updates

12/30 - barely! Well, first, there's the request for information from YOU...
I've gotten a bunch of people saying how cool it would be to have all of the organizations do a year end update. So, I've agreed to compile the information, post it and even forward it to all parties interested (or not even!).

So, here's what I need:

Name (Initials are all I'll post)

Organization Affiliation (if you're not affiliated with anyone, just put NA)

State You Reside

Area or Group You Are Assisting (ie, Waveland, Library, FD, etc.)

Single Column List of Items or Actions (if a box of clothes, just put a box of clothes - don't list individually)

Goals - if you have any for the following year, let us know. We can all help each other when we know what each other is hoping to accomplish.

Please try to keep it in this format for me. It'll make my life MUCH easier.

When I need it - By Jan 3, '07.

10 Q Berry Mud!


Much has been happening. I have at least one letter to post, and will post to the different groups I'm a member of - it's to get quilting guilds involved.
Have already gotten a half dozen replies for the year-end update, so I suspect that will keep me occupied.
Have tons of photos to go through from Pearlington to post. Have already posted a bunch on the Pearlington site - www.PearlingtonRelief.blogspot.com for those who may not be in the know.
Am starting to help another family who's almost on track and another who is a long way from being on track, but I can help with the little stuff that makes the big stuff go much easier.
Heard about a police officer friend of mine that was assaulted tonight. Not sure if he was shot or stabbed, but injured just the same and a hug manhunt is ongoing.
Am sorting through a lot of my craft stuff to send to one of the families on the Real People Relief site - www.RealPeopleRelief.blogspot.com
Have got a new Resource page for finding furnishings. I have to collect info from a couple of other pages to add to it, so it's not nearly complete...

Have also started an information page on videos to coincide with articles and picture links I have as well...

The guy taking pictures that I'm posting will be leaving soon, but has been along the Gulf for about a week now. His updates are here:
http://katrinanetworking.blogspot.com/2006/12/christmas-trip.html - will be adding some tomorrow AM.

As always, will let you know of anything else. Happy New Year - and I know it will be a good one.

12/23 I really am getting caught up. Well, the picture is similar to the quilt I made. Like an idiot, I didn't take a picture of it. But am hoping to get one from her when she gets back. I hate it when I get caught up in the moment.
I finished sending out boxes to as many of my families as I had stuff for. Some have gotten the boxes, so I know the postal system is working!
My families have had many mini miracles happen for them the last few weeks, so I am thrilled! Life is improving for many of them, giving them hope for the coming year.
Am almost ready for Christmas, but this week had more than 1 distraction. My left eye has had what's called 'detatched vitreous', which can lead to retinal detachment. It's trying. I had to make an emergency visit to the opthamologist. I have a honkin' huge floater now that distorts the vision and gives my vertigo fits, but am learning to ignore my left eye and read anyway. Plus meeting Gary was great, but I woke up dizzy every day this week. So, not nearly as much got done as I hoped.
I've written a new letter - go check it out and tell me what you think. Lagniappe Day - I like it!
I have to rewrite a letter I sent to CNN and the Red Cross about so many families being without heat, electricity or both. Frightening.
So, I am hoping I am now fully back and can keep up with all the sites yet again. Thanks for being patient!

12/19 Ooowoowoo. I'm getting back on track!
I finished the quilt, and the lady was thrilled with it! It's in memory of her mother and even I have to say it's a very pretty quilt.
I met Gary yesterday. He's taking a bunch of stuff down for me and for Laura with CAP in Birmingham to Hancock County and NOLA. He came up to get the stuff, stayed for Gumbo (appropriate!) and then got talking about my ancestors' involvement in the Civil War. He even knew what the medal my great great grandfather was wearing. How cool is that?!
I've done some more behind the scenes stuff to keep from getting too overwhelmed. I know, too late.
But, for me, that's quite an accomplishment after having someone new around for over 4 hours. I usually land on the couch for a day or two after that and I was still able to get on the computer to do some filing, do some email, do very little blog work and this update.
AND I got the tree decorated. It's only been waiting a week. I'll take a picture of it. We dug out my great grandfather's childhood sled and put the tree on that, put a sheet under it to look like snow, then the white tree skirt, a red satin ribbon for the rope to pull the sled, and a silver bell on the cross bar of the sled. It's the first time we've used it, so I'm thrilled it works this well. Dad wanted a smaller tree and we didn't. The sled fits without bumping into it and it actually fits the room much better.
I've gotten most of my stuff ready to ship out to 'my' families. I'm glad I waited as Gary stumbled upon a bunch of toys that I was able to incorporate into the packages for Christmas presents. They may not make it in time, but I hope some do. I also got the extras shipped out for the Boys and Girls club of southern Miss. They're short by at least 1000. They'll keep taking presents if you're interested.
I hope to write again before Christmas. Probably Christmas Eve, knowing me. But with any luck, I'll get back on track by then! Fully! What a thought!

OK - WAY late, but I am so far behind I don't think it matters much. LOL
Good news - about half of my families have had at least one person adopt them - so we're doing great there. Most agencies have done really well for their Christmas outreach programs,s o we're hopeful that the kids along the coast will have a Christmas this year. The Feds are looking at the CAT database - in a good way! - it just might get used by them! Common sense just might prevail once in a while! Who knew it could happen on that level?!
Normal News - I got the CPU fan in my computer changed. All by myself. AND it works! I felt like a god for doing such major surgery to the computer and still have it function.
Christmas here at my house is going to be minimal. I got a last minute quilt job that needs to go out in 6 days and I'm just starting to sew it today. So, not nearly as much prep will go into Christmas this year. Life goes on.
Bad news - many of my families are going without heat or electricity or BOTH, along with countless others along the coast. They can't afford the bills because little things keep tripping them up. I've sent a letter to the Red Cross, CNN and the Sun Herald. Will get to the others later today hopefully. Am also formulating a letter to go out to the major utility companies and oil industry to get their butts in gear. Will also send one to Citgo and Citizen Energy to become active in the Gulf Region. They're mostly up North but they need to be down there.
Heard that another volunteer is succombing to an unknown infection that docs can't treat. I'm going to have to start a Memorial page for the folks. Truly sad.

So, that's it for now. I'll try to get back on track this weekend.
A little late, but only by a day.
If you hadn't noticed, I've set up a Wishing Tree for my families, Hope Haven's current children residents, and Pickin' Up The Pieces efforts for Pearlington. There are roughly 300 kids represented directly, and about another 30 indirectly (through Hope Haven). I've got the stuff posted *everywhere!* LOL http://katrinanetworking.blogspot.com/2007/08/wishing-tree.html. Along with it being here, I've also posted the appropriate information on the Hancock County site, in Hope Haven, on the Pearlington site and in Pickin' Up The Pieces page.

I'm also working with a local group to get baby blankets for the 17 babies that are a year or younger in Pearlington. I'll have them today or Wednesday and will ship them to Linda the following day.

I've added a ton of stuff to most of the resource pages - Medical, Family, Education, Business, Home, Nonprofit.

Remember Make a Difference Day? Well, because I pushed SO hard to get you guys to register, a whopping 4 did. BUT - 1 of those 4 is highlighted this week in the USA Weekend for their efforts http://www.usaweekend.com/06_issues/061203/061203diffday.html - It's about The Giving Circle - among other groups that worked that weekend. So - out of the thousands of groups that entered, and only having 5 (me included) sign up, I say we made a great impact on the founders by having 1 of those 5 represented in the paper this weekend.

In the coming week, I'll be posting a new letter about creating a new "boxing day" for the US. It's mostly a British 'thing', but I'm thinking it could be a great way to give and get rid of at the same time.

This week I'm also going to be sending a letter out (will post) to my state's community colleges and universities - email works best for them, and am hoping for a little last minute assistance for Christmas and hopefully some long term assistance thereafter. The letter is written, I just have to dig out my resource list for them. I urge you to contact them as well. Students are incredibly giving AND a great untapped resource.

The hits on the main site have gone up dramatically since I've been submitting the sites to search engines on a regular basis. I'm up to at least 150 hits/day in the last month - that's up from about 100 hits per day. So - word continues to spread which is perfect!

The backs are of fleece - the top is a detail of the back of the second pic. 2 and 3 pictures are to show the contrast when using the same 3 basic fabrics with different patterns and slightly different scraps. Very cool!

I've finished 2 more quilts- woo! - and am feeling much better from my last encounter with a hornet 2 weeks ago. Our area dodged a major bullet this week with more rain. The storm that slammed the midwest was aimed right at us. Well, after 2 years of record flooding, and still trying to clean up from the latest one 2 weeks ago, the last thing we needed was high wind and tons of rain. Neither happened. No flooding, no trees down, no power outages. Life is good!

BSL organizations - I've not heard from you in forever. Please contact me with some updates!
Take care and talk with you soon.

12/1 - Just an FYI - we've got the storm that slammed the midwest coming through here today and tomorrow. If I'm offline for a few days it's because we lost power. I'll be going into massive withdrawal and my family will do whatever it can to get me BACK online! I am not pleasant to be around when I can't do my work.

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