Ideas on assisting in the relief effort without going in person. Much can be done without leaving your house. Give those affected by disaster some hope, and use some of these ideas to help them.

Monday, January 29, 2007

January Updates

One of the first times I have felt like I was running backwards in this whole thing. But, I know I'm not - just feels that way.
I've done a bunch of updating on the blogs - added at least 8 sites of assistance to the side bar. Very cool to have those kinds of discoveries!
Also was contacted (on the blogs) by a man in Americorp. I'm still doing research within his contacts before I confirm he's a great find! He certainly is a caring man. That's the most important thing.
Am hoping we can establish a good working relationship in the very near future.
Have finished writing the directions for the quilt - just have to get it into the computer now. LOL Not always an easy task for me. Today is bad besides, so we'll see how soon it happens.
Most of the updates to the blogs has been within the assistance for the families. A ton of grants as well, but nothing I consider GREAT opportunities.
So, a very short update. Am working on the community gardens still - need to do research for that. Am also working on getting assistance for 3 of my families.
Am also going to work on a letter to send to the Working Families Party. While trying to find ANY type of assistance for both single parents and grand families, the only things that come up with any type of regularity are my pages! Well, that and Japan. And GB. And Canada. And Australia. Not here. So much for compassionate conservative. Or liberals. Or churches. Or anyone else. It's pretty disgusting to see.
That's it!
Update me when you can.
PS - I forgot this last week - I feel awful!
One of my families - Ginger - is selling most of her 'stuff' on e-bay. She has no room for it, doesn't know when she will again, and isn't doing much to keep food on the table just sitting in boxes.
If you'd like to look at what she has selling:

We have snow! Trust me, you do not want to live in the north where it's so dark without snow to literally reflect what little light you do get. Forget direct sunlight!
I finished the quilt and am now getting the directions written to post online for people to use to make a comemorative quilt in honor of all the Katrina Survivors.
I have just posted 2 items to help anyone reading reduce their bills. The first is reducing debt and dealing with debt. It's generalities, but is solid since I've lived most of it.
The second is on reducing your food bills. It has normal coupon clipping, extreme coupon clipping, cooking to save money, etc.
My 10-day "private" update I send to too many people dealt with the infectious diseases yet again. RSV (a child's respiratory infection) is becoming endemic. I'll be writing a letter to the editor of Gulf Coast News, the different local papers (sea coast echo, etc.) and to the schools in hopes of giving them the information they need to control the infection rate within the schools.
Go Saints! Go Colts!
Stay warm, and I hope you keep your electricity!

What can I say? The Colts won. Who would have thought it! Wow. Amazing game.
Anyway, tons to go through here.
The look on the blogs is evolving. I'm going to do major updates to all blogs on Sundays again. Information on every blog will still occur during the week, but those updates won't be reflected on the others until Sunday.
Have taken the information for "Helping Without Going Down" and made it its own page to hyperlink to from the Index. It rarely changes, shortens the index significantly, but keeps the information very accessible.
I'm using the article index as promised for all articles on all blogs. It'll get big fast, and I'll be breaking it into sub categories within that page soon, but for now Just look there for the most recent dates.
I've written 2 letters this week:
Mailed the quilting letter to quilting magazines and am getting ready to the Am. Quilting Society
Wrote 1 about the current health crisis that's occuring. It's a lot like the Invasion of The Body Snatchers. Both issues are incredibly quiet in their invasion. TB and Syphilis. Am also currently writing another one to send to ALL volunteer agencies that I can to hopefully keep their volunteers safe. Neither disease knows boundaries or intent or goodness of character. No one is safe if one is in contact with either.
Syphilis Article:
TB Article:
Am hoping to get more information on each about signs, symptoms, treatment, etc.
Have also contacted 1 person involved in the health care system recovery effort to collaborate on letter writing and hopefully getting a testing/education program going. This is very bad and needs to be addressed. If we, as volunteers, stick our heads in the sand because the topic is distasteful, we'll be building relief homes for sanitarium use rather than family use.
Please check back here to see the latest news on this.
We're moving forward on the community garden project. Lynn from Katrina's Angels is amazing! She's contacted a woman from the MS Cooperative Extension (or similar) and has gotten great news from her. Barbara (Master Gardener in VA) has made great suggestions and given contact information for the MS State MG Association and their plans.
So, things are moving right along!
Send me your updates for the Year End page as soon as you can.
Thank you!

Hey there! Life is moving at an ever quickening pace. Scary actually. Had 2 deaths in the family. 1 on NYE and 1 on NYD. What a way to start the year. Both were blessings for the people who died, but still a sad way to start.
Anyway, I've revamped the indexes of Networking, Hancock County, Waveland, BSL and P-ton. Will be doing the Artisan, the Emergency Services and the Real People Relief ones when my eyes straighten out.
Am going to be really using the Article Index to help abbreviate the indexes. Plus, by looking there, you'll get a far broader picture of what's going on throughout the region, from generalities to specifics.
Have created a host of new resource pages and will most likely expand to include one more. Don't ask me what they all are because I don't remember! LOL Home Repair, Home Finance, Single Parent, Medical, Disabled, Business, Nonprofit, Furnishings +, Education Financing for both adult and traditional learners, School Assistance. Now I think that's it. They're all on the new Index at the top of those blogs I mentioned earlier.
A few of us caught the idea that was floating in the air about community gardens. I've done some of the research and Lynn has already seriously considered it, so we are all communicating with one another in hopes of getting a series of them started in the Gulf. If you're interested, please email me! I'll send you what we've discussed thus far and include you in further emails.
Have started posting Year-End Updates. Please send me one if you've not done so. It needn't be for your entire group - just you. That makes life much simpler for all. Send it as soon as possible, preferably prior to 1/14. View what I've got on here so far:
I've posted a request for a coat and winter supply drive as well.
Please look and consider it! Many of us are having a warmer than average year, and so definitely can sort through our gently used items, OR get to the great sales going on and buy a few things to ehlp this cause.
I honestly think there is more but can't think of it at the moment. I'll add if I think it's THAT important! Take care and write to me!

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