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Monday, January 15, 2007

Heat Needed Letter

Just wanted to let you see the letter I wrote to Kathleen Koch of CNN and to the ARC regarding what I am seeing as a very real health crisis in the form of No Heat. Please use it to contact anyone you think might read and take note!
To whom it may concern,
There is a very real crisis occurring within the '05 hurricane season survivors. Increasing numbers are going without a combination of heat, hot water and electricity due to continued financial set-backs and FEMA discontinuing assistance for no discernible reason and with no follow-up after repeated attempts by the people for answers or appeal process. Most of these people are elderly or with small children. An entire trailer park in Pass Christian, MS, without propane due to lack of financial support and high prices.
But the need is throughout the country - NE, NC, VA, MS, AL, LA, VA, etc. It isn't just along the Gulf Coast.
Please investigate this and use your resources to help change the situation, whether by giving vouchers, or helping the media report this dire situation in hopes of gaining support from the heating industry.
LIHEAP, in most cases, has been drained, TANF gives a pittance for any assistance, and local charities just can't fill in the ever increasing needs.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Leslie Holly

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