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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

July-September Updates From Leslie

Wow - virtually a month since my last update to everyone.
Obviously, life hasn't slowed down at all for me. If anything, it's increased substantially.
However, I am trying to keep my hand in things a bit. I am updating a few pages every month, and am finding I'm ok with that. I'm still working on the CoHR, so that's at least once a month.
There's a new organization that has been added. Disaster Accountability Project. Please work with Ben. He's really working to make things better for the next time - because there will be a next time.
There's a new promotion through Boxtops For Education - please check it out - it's more than just the little clipout things to help the schools.
I am also trying to update the "weekly" features with items that are still of consequence, but written are year or so ago. The Letter of The Week right now is about Make a Difference Day. Read it, act!
I'm still working on things - just not nearly as visibly.
Love everyone,
8/15 Well, it's official. I've finally admitted I can't continue. I've sent email to those I've been most active with. For all others, there's this.
It's so difficult to face the reality that I have to end this run, but I must. My mom isn't recovering as well as the docs hoped, and my dad continues to decline with his dementia.
Money is an issue with Mom's medical bills. Dad just broke his hearing aids, so there's another $4500 out. Their retirement fund is tied into stocks, and with THAT aspect of life tanking, it's difficult to say how much they'll have by year end. My DSS check is minimal at best, and while quilting is a great hobby, it sure doesn't pay the bills - especially when I just can't do anything close to FT. So, while it might help, it isn't the answer.
I'm continuing to a small extent with 2 of the families on the RPR site, along with small packages to different groups - as I can collect needed items.
I'm also hoping to continue hosting the CoHR on a monthly basis. I actually feel good about this month's. For once there is a fairly large amount of information about the children and their plight through the entire recovery process.
I will probably write editorial type posts as I get information and the ire.
If there is anyone willing to continue the work I've begun on these sites, please contact me @ KatrinaCoalition at AOL.com. We'll talk.
My contacts are VAST. I have some pretty strict rules, and because it's so closely associated with me as a person, those rules would need to be adhered to. But - the work is important. Please consider it.
Thank you to all those who've written to me supporting my decision to "resign". It means the world to me. I hope someday to meet at least a few of you - you became my family, my friends, my support, my hope.
I'll never stop thinking of you, praying for you, working for you - even if on a substantially reduced level.

7/18 Wow, my hair has grown since this picture was taken. Will try to get a new one up.
Well, I'm making a quilt for the March of Dimes fund raiser in Biloxi. I do hope it brings in a buck or two for them. However, I know what quilts usually go for at fundraisers, it isn't impressive.
Life here in NY is still hectic. I've done this week's submission of the Carnival of Hurricane Relief. There is SO little out there from emergency services personnel that I know they are suffering in silence. Well, the NOPD isn't. Which I'm glad for.
But it's very frustrating to see they have virtually no voice for them.
I'm still working on the quilt shed, and am very hopeful it'll be complete in the next month. I am getting so tired of dealing with it - on my end. The guys working on it - they could keep working on it for the next 6 months for all I care. But I'm so exhausted all the time.
Blueberries are coming on. Much sweeter than last year! Sun will do that for a fruit.
Am still sending boxes down for people and organizations, but am still just sick over not being able to do more online. One of these days life might allow me to choose this again. I don't know.
More soon....

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