Ideas on assisting in the relief effort without going in person. Much can be done without leaving your house. Give those affected by disaster some hope, and use some of these ideas to help them.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

July Leslie Updates

Hey folks...Sorry it's late and sorry for any other delays that may have been annoying to you.We've been dealing with our own little crisis at the moment.
Our area receieved the second record flooding in 2 years. About 14 months ago we had a major flood that was, at the time, record since the floods of '35 and '36. So, hopefully this was a 70 year event and we're done for awhile. If not, life will get interesting again within the next year.
Anyway, Some pictures are at:http://pictures.aol.com/ap/myAlbums.do?includeReceivedAlbums=true&albumId=34983.2470.1151931337669.3
This is an album from the last 3 floods, but flooding is flooding after awhile. Also - http://www.pressconnects.com/ has pictures and information, if you're so inclined.
Internet has been very spotty, so I've not been able to stay on for any length of time to get information posted or the updates. I'm getting there, but please be patient! It may take all week at this rate! I do have an alternate site to get online, but it's never for any great length of time. My entire family is fine - so no worries there. But the area has lost a great many homes with 13 counties in NY having an estimated 100 mill in infrastructure damage. That's not personal. So the # is going up. And that doesn't count the 30+ counties in PA. Only 8 of the 13 counties in NY will get any FEMA assistance thus far, and it's only for municipalities. No individuals will get assistance. I guess it wasn't record enough.
I've been cooking like a fool for our local cops. They've been working 14 on, 10 off for the last week. Somedays it's 20 on 4 off, so home cooked meals are a nice thing.
Other than that, not much to talk about. I'll be back on track by week's end, hopefully.
One more thing - the following was just sent to me about a TV show that will be airing multiple times... Thanks Dangle!
Extreme Engineering - "Big Easy Rebuild"Discovery Channel (DSC) Wed Jul 05 09:00pm CDT
Extreme Engineering - "Big Easy Rebuild"DSC, Thu Jul 06 01:00am CDT
Extreme Engineering - "Big Easy Rebuild"DSC, Sun Jul 09 11:00am CDT
High Definition Broadcast only:Extreme Engineering - "Big Easy Rebuild"Discovery
High Definition (DHD) - Wed Jul 12 07:00pmCDT
Extreme Engineering - "Big Easy Rebuild"DHD, Wed Jul 12 10:00pm CDT
Extreme Engineering - "Big Easy Rebuild"DHD, Thu Jul 13 02:00am CDT
Extreme Engineering - "Big Easy Rebuild"DHD, Thu Jul 13 03:00pm CDT
Sorry for the disruption.

Hey folks. Well, we are talking major league guilt right now. I haven't had a chance to do any 'real' work on the blogs this week. I've been incredibly busy working on getting the Binghamton Flood Relief blog up and running for people - that one helps a total of 5 counties, so was pretty vast in compiling the information. BUT - it's finished save daily updates - which are relatively easy, and pulling information I've gleaned from helping you all, and putting it out there for their review and hopefully use.
A Red Cross relief worker who also worked The Storm said that while the devastation here is isolated pockets, those pockets are no less destroyed than your area. He just kept shaking his head, not believing he could see this level of destruction twice in a 12 month period.
I would like to make a request - would you be willing to go to the blog and offer any Experience Hope and Support you can think of? I'll make sure that all who need to see it, do. Right now the most affected county is Delaware. Susquehanna Co is next, followed by Tioga, Chenango, and then Broome. While Broome had the most by volume, it's not rural like the others, it isn't nearly as poor, and has far more resources to draw from than the others.
Much of Delaware and Susquehanna Co's are still closed, still have no electricity and still without phone. All of which YOU know all too well. Most infrastructure is gone in those counties - again - YOU know how that feels.
And this is why I am hoping you can leave comments for the folks of those counties. I know it will help. www.BinghamtonFloodRelief.blogspot.com.
Thank you for being part of MY community. It means the world to me!

I actually think life might be settling down some! Shh. Don't tell anyone.
Got stung this week and now am the proud owner of an Epi Pen. Still itching from the 'event' back on Tuesday, even with benadryl and prednisone, but it's getting better.
Things have settled down with the flood recovery. Am sure needs are going to start flowing in soon, but again, it's a hurry up and wait kind of thing. So, am using this time to get caught up on my real efforts - Hancock County, MS.
I did a little revamping without really revamping. I found a method on the Binghamton blog that seems to be working really well, so am applying it to the HC blogs. I have set up 6 resource posts. I think they're complete with what's on the blogs. 1 is for homeowners, 2 is for families, 3 is for non-profits, 4 is for business owners, 5 is for donors and 6 is for volunteers. It reads more like a professional journal with a summary and a link to the full information. I tried to keep it to 20 links per post, but some are over that.
I will add to it, and use my normal way, Red is new, Green is updated and will add the date of when the new stuff is added. I will continue to update as much as I can and post those updates as often as possible, but summer has slowed everyone down in responding. Hey - the least amount of energy spent means the least amount of sweat poured. I understand completely. It isn't they aren't working, or still needing money and items. It's that they are too tired fighting the heat to let me know.
So, tomorrow I hope to post updates for everyone. I have done a fair amount with a bunch of the folks I have posted and those need to be seen. Take care all. Stay as cool as possible and don't work too hard. Not in this heat!

Today I am celebrating. I was able to work a total of 6 hours today! My work is generally done is 20 minute increments, up to an hour, but no more than that for up to 4 hours max. Today was GREAT. I've cleaned and frozen blueberries; picked and froze string beans, cleaned around the house, primed and painted 3 shelves, did more work on a closet, made some bread and butter pickles and worked on the blogs. All of them. LOL So - today was a great day. I'm sure I'll pay tomorrow, but it'll be worth it. Completely!
Found some interesting articles, more grant opportunities. They're smaller, but after awhile, I get to the point where I'll fill out an application for a $20 bill. Have updated all of the blogs and am getting ready to go through all of the groups I have posted in hopes of getting them updated as well.
Have started a new the search for volunteers for the One House project in Pearlington. They have a great need for electricians and plumbers - as does everyone down there. But to finish the project as hoped by September 1, it would be a great thing to find a couple of hard workers that could accomplish the task in a couple of weeks. Please prayerfully consider it.
I've started putting data on the http://www.citizenactionteam.org/ for the more active organizations, so if you want the info put on, please visit their site, or contact me and it'll get put on both my blogs and their data base. There's a sudden swell of surplus items that folks are willing to donate, so you really need to get your information out there!
And with that, I'll end this.
Oh - not quite. 2 people to thank profusely.Leslie with Katrina's Angels has been sending me tons of information, as well as information gleaned from their forum has been of tremendous use both for NY's flooding and Hancock County.
CoHR - all of the folks who host that incredible weekly listing of blogs has given me new contacts and new networking possibilities for Hancock County. Very cool!

Well, it's been on of THOSE weeks. LOLActually, a lot of internal junk was completed - finished the revamping of the blogs so the hyperlinks on the side bar make more sense.Did a whole bunch of work that won't show for a solid month, but when it does, it should be pretty dramatic.
Did a bunch of phoning to start lining up volunteers.
Have fallen off again on the data entry. I'll get there yet!
Still doing some work on the Binghamton Flood blog. We're still in the super-crisis mode, so it will take time to get settled into the daily grind of recovery, not just relief effort. The counties North of Broome keep getting nailed with flash flooding - all of the creeks and streams in cleaning out to flow properly again, and it can't be done until the rains stop - and they aren't stopping. We're in the ultra average hot days, huge thunderstorms in the afternoons cycle and if they don't have every road wash out, I'll be very surprised.
And finally, I have created a design and am getting estimates for T-shirts. The front will look like: And the back will look like:This is everyone who is currently on the blogs, plus one, I think, that has completed their main mission in MS. Most are Hancock County. Less than a handful aren't. Eveyrone's website is put on in Alpha order so there is NO favoritism. Even mine are worked in in Alpha order. There are over 40 - so it's quite a consortium of folks!
7/31 The going theory at the moment is I'm going to order "a bunch" from a man in LA who's family lost it all and he's trying to support them all with his printing company. These will be gifts and trade for other T-shirts. The rest will go through K8Company so that I can update the graphic as needed AND people can get them in other styles than just T-shirts. It gives everyone far more choice and her profits go to the Bay St Louis Employee fund - the more that's donated, the fewer people that get laid off. So - will keep you posted!
Contact me at KatrinaCoalition@aol.com if you are interested. I still don't know the price, but if you tell me what you're able to pay, I'll be honest if I can meet it or not. OK?
I am both amazed and proud of how many individuals and very small organizations are assisting with the recovery. You're an amazing bunch and I want ALL of you recognized as the very large group of incredible individuals that you are! Hancock County would so much further behind than what it is because of YOU.


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