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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Letter To School Teachers

As I posted in my 5/21 update, many school districts are still in session. What a better volunteer pool than school teachers for the summer? Many have second jobs during the summer, but can probably squeeze a week or two out for the recovery effort. So, skilled labor that can be tapped!

Even the schools that are no longer in session will be able to receive these letters since the teachers and staff will be cleaning and sorting and closing up their classrooms for at least 10 days, if not 2 weeks.

I address the letter to the school systems Teachers and Staff to personalize it a bit.

And as always, you may have them contact me directly, should you choose. This letter is directed toward the One House project in Pearlington, but may be rewritten to fit any particular project you wish. I have NO problems with that.

Dear School Teachers and Staff,

I am writing on behalf of the One House At A Time Project in Pearlington, MS. This project was founded by a Habitat For Humanity affiliate to be made with the same intent as international Habitat projects. It provides a small but solidly built living space that can be both permanent and temporary, depending on the needs of the occupants – focusing on the aged and disabled. If the person or persons is able to rebuild their home, the structure is moved to a new location for a new person. If the person is unable to rebuild, they purchase this structure for their new permanent home.

The cost of these houses is 1/3 the estimated $60,000 of a FEMA trailer and includes all appliances and furniture. The “kits” are shipped from New Hope Construction in TN to Pearlington, MS to be assembled on location.

I am asking that you take 1-2 weeks of your summer break to assist in building these homes for these residents. The goal is to build 100 and has a waiting list of over 200 and growing. Sleeping arrangements in a bunkhouse are available, with some room for RV’s. A kitchen is available, but you or your group must bring in food. With only 4 grocery stores for the entire county, it is easier to bring the majority of your food supplies. Tools are also supplied. All skill levels can be used as well as all skill sets.

Contact New Hope Construction at info@NewHopeConstruction.org, call them at 866-396-4673 or visit their website at www.NewHopeConstruction.org. Updates and information can also be found at www.OneHouseAtATime.com.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience regarding any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.



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