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Monday, May 15, 2006

Letter To Police PBA's

Send this letter to your county's police agencies and even your state police. The Gulf Region's police are being adversely affected by the entire catastrophe. Most are working with 30% fewer officers due to stress related issues, are seeing an increase in violent crime, with that crime becoming more violent and being directed at the police in ever greater frequency. A true emergency is developing without the assistance they need.

To PBA President,

I am writing on behalf of the law enforcement agencies within Hancock County, MS. Contrary to popular belief, all is not well on the Gulf Coast since hurricane Katrina passed through. Hancock County, the poorest county of the poorest state in the nation, was hardest hit by Katrina and has had the least news representation. The county lost 70% of all structures during the hurricane and another 15% to mold and insect infestations. They have few phones, little potable water, incomplete electric service, 4 gas stations and 2 grocery stores for the entire county. The tax base has been wiped out with no budgets for the towns and county to work with, but still in need of emergency services. Most police departments are working with at least a 30% loss of manpower and an ever increasing rate in violent crime which is being directed more and more toward police officers.

I am asking you to read the enclosed letter from an assistant to the Mayor of Bay St. Louis, MS to better understand the plight of all municipalities within the Gulf Region. I am then asking you to help. Right now, with gas prices almost at historic highs, these police agencies are in great need of any assistance possible. I ask that you carefully consider helping, at whatever level possible. They need help on a consistent basis, but even a one-time offer will be greatly appreciated. And whether you choose the BSLPD, the Hancock County Sheriff’s department, Waveland City PD, or another agency in the Gulf is entirely up to you. I will assist you in finding an agency if you wish, but my main request is that you don’t forget and that you help as much as you can. I continue assisting because I would hope someone would help us if we were in such need.

If you as individuals would like to assist in some way, but are uncertain how, please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. All skills are needed by all agencies and organizations within the affected region. Nothing was left untouched by this disaster. Your help, either personal or professional, is needed now and in the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your time and attention to the matter.



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