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Monday, March 27, 2006

The ArtFelt Program For All Ages


I honestly don't remember how I got the ArtFelt website. I think it was from someone involved with the New Waveland Cafe, but don't hold me to that.
To whomever sent me the link - thank you! This is the perfect way to get kids involved for kids.

An aside - I'm laughing because my mom calls me the perfect Methodist. I am constantly finding new ways for people to donate time, money, effort, items or all of the above! What can I say - I'm blessed. LOL

Anyway, this discovery is definitely one of the best ones I've had dropped in my lap. Go to http://www.artfeltconnections.com/ and check them out. They have started a program specifically for relief to schools affected by Katrina - either helping rebuild and cope with the daily influx of returning students, or helping the schools that have been swamped by displaced students.

They will sell to participating organizations, heart line-drawings for $10/100. The organizations then sell each heart for $1 each to each member wishing to participate. The member decorates in the medium of their choice. The $1 goes to a school of the organization's choice - which ArtFelt will help find if the organization doesn't have one chosen already.

The program was designed with primary ed schools in mind, but they are willing to open it up to any organization with a large number of people. The more the merrier as they say. With more participants comes greater creativity and involvement, making it a far more enriching experience than you might otherwise have with a limited number of participants.

I have sent the following letter out to the school districts, senior centers, nursing homes and colleges within my county. I am asking you to send just one. It can be to the school system your child attends, it can be a senior center you or your parents visit, it can be a nursing home you visit, it can be a scout troop you're involved in, it can be the university/community college you attend.

School District - Send to the Superintendent's Office - Addresses are in your phone book.
Senior Center - Send it to the attention of the Activity Director.
Nursing Home - Send it to the attention of the Activity Director.
Scout Troop - Call the Troop Leader and email or hand deliver the information.
University/CC - Send it to the attention of the Student Activities Department head - the name should be in your student handbook or on their webpage.

I put my contact information in as a way to assure the organization that this is not a common solicitation - which is a sure fire way of getting it filed in the trash. You may change the wording to fit the type of organization you are dealing with - school/students, nursing home/residents, etc.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you a request of assistance for Hancock County MS and its school district with an idea that is both obtainable and a highly enjoyable activity for the participants.

I have contacted ArtFelt Connections (http://www.artfeltconnections.com/) to confirm the particulars of this program that was designed specifically to assist the school districts affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

ArtFelt will supply a simple heart outline for your members to color and decorate in the medium of their choice for a small donation of $1.00 per drawing. This dollar will then be donated to the school relief efforts.

There are several choices on what to do with the art once it is completed. It may stay at your location – to inspire others to be included in this creative manner as well as to have a visual reminder of all the help you have been able to supply; It may go to the school district, along with the collected money, as a symbol of support for the students and staff to be inspired by; It may go back to ArtFelt to be imprinted on any number of items that can either be donated to the relief effort or kept by the person (and then returned to your location).

If the participant wishes to donate the items, ArtFelt will significantly reduce the price. If the person keeps it, ArtFelt will charge the regular price, which is still greatly reduced. Items of particular need in the affected region include backpacks, coffee mugs, mouse pads and quilts. The item will be either returned to your location to mail, or ArtFelt will send the items down in bulk to help reduce postage.

[The $1 charge for the original heart will go to the school of your choice, regardless of whether any items are ordered.]

You may know the parent company through PTA’s – Art Ware By You, which is well versed in the networking and delivering of aid.

If you are interested in assisting through this incredible program, please contact ArtFelt:
by email at Info@ArtFeltConnections.com
by phone at 1.800.609.8337
by mail at 151 Forest St Montclair, NJ 07042

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me at your earliest convenience at [enter your email and your phone number here].



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