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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Attorney's General Letter

It seems our voices are being heard. Prices are slowly returning to a more respectable level. While not fully at the national average, they certainly aren't 2-3 times the national average. I don't expect them to be able to support national average, or their historic averages due to the constant need and the difficulty shipping supplies in. But as long as the prices remain close to the national average, I'm happy!

Thanks to all who took the time to write!

The more I hear regarding price gouging and usury down there, the more important this letter becomes. Please send it to your state's AG, the affected states' AGs and the US AG.

You can find your state's attorney general at:
US AG -http://www.usdoj.gov/contact-us.html
Please send to the LA, MS, AL, USAG and your state's AG.
Also consider sending it to the major news organizations. If they start reporting this, we may catch a break in getting the AG's to do something.

The Letter
Dear Attorney General (insert their name),
As you know all too well, the 2005 hurricane season ravaged more states in our nation than any other season on record. These states are now being ravaged by the cost of rebuilding.Cost of materials is reported to be two to three times higher than the national average. Nationally established volunteer organizations and citizens alike are paying far too much for all goods and services to repair and rebuild the Gulf Coast Region. And while some price increases were expected immediately following a storm due to decreased infrastructure and access, this is no longer the case. And yet, the prices continue to rise to double and triple the national average a full 6 months after the most severe storms. This is obviously price gouging and predatory in nature. This is unacceptable.
These volunteer organizations are asking people from around the nation to start shipping supplies in because it’s cheaper than buying locally. This hurts everyone. The monies wasted on shipping could go toward direct rebuilding, but must be used instead to ship cheaper goods in. The monies aren’t being spent locally, further hurting the local economies of our poorest states, hindering their recovery even further. The only ones benefiting from this price gouging are the companies supplying the goods and the stores selling the goods – both of which claim to be assisting in all ways possible to help with the recovery effort.
Investigate the prices of all construction materials as well as basic life goods such as food, clothing, durable goods and basic construction services such as roof repair/replacement. Hold these companies, stores and individuals accountable for their actions. The Gulf Coast is counting on you to be their voice, their advocate during this incredibly difficult time.


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