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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Letter To State, Federal Officials

Yes, I do enjoy my letters. BUT - they are effective. The more, the merrier too. Print it as is, email it or send it to both your state and federal representatives AND the White House. If we all send this - we'll be far more likely to make a difference.

It's an election year - they'll listen whether they are up for a vote or not.

The above links are where you find your federal legislators.
The above link will help you locate your state representatives
The above link will allow you to contact the White House as well as give you the snail mail address, should you choose to send a hard copy.

The Letter
Dear State and Federal Legislators (put the name of your reps in here)
I am asking you to create a tax deduction for those people who give their time so freely in the hurricane ravaged Gulf Region.
This deductible should be similar to a real money donation since their skills, time and travel are far more valuable than any dollar donation could be.
Please consider a deduction of $500/week, but not to exceed $2000 total. This kind of incentive will help those who are giving more than they truly can and will allow others to donate their efforts when they otherwise might not be able.
We must find ways to help the Gulf Region rebuild as quickly as possible. It is far too valuable of a national asset to let languish as we are. The ports, the fishing industry, the oil industry and the tourism all depend on rapid, efficient and effective rebuilding of the infrastructure and communities that support these industries.
Creating a tax deduction for those whose compassion runs deeper than their finances allow will create a deeper, more skilled volunteer pool from which to draw such valuable resource as nursing, teaching, construction and adjunctive staff.
We, as a nation, need this small but effective donation on the part of our government. By creating this tax deduction, the government can save the nation billions in reconstruction costs and halve the time it will take to rebuild the Gulf Region to the robust asset it has always been.


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